What do those who know me say…
  • Gabi is one of the people very dear to my soul, the person who sees the beauty in each of us. I admire her for that. With warmth, with patience, with openness and a relentless desire to help, with a vast knowledge and empathy, she managed to bring to the surface qualities and emotions steeped in oblivion. Gabi helped me overcome many fears, helped me discover what acceptance, forgiveness and true self-love mean. Thank you! She helped me identify emotional conflicts that prevented me from being truly happy and free... free from the opinions and experiences of others. I feel so grateful for the chance to work together. Thank you, my dear for all the energy you give, for the enthusiasm and professionalism with which you welcome us and invite us into the wonderful world of our souls.
    Cristea Nicoleta Mihaela
  • It is impossible to describe in a few words all my experience in the relationship with Gabi and Recall Healing... All I can wish for is to pass on all the awareness that changed my principles and at the same time the course of my life. What once seemed impossible to me, has now become my basic tool in all my current achievements... And yes... I now feel that it is much easier for me to trust myself and that I can convey this trust to those who need it. The word "Thank you" is too little to express my gratitude to you, my dear, but in accomplishing my mission in this life, I feel indebted and at the same time very honored to recommend you to the whole world!!! You're a wonderful person, Gabi! Thank you. I love you!
    Daniela Marsoane
    Hair stylist
  • I don’t want to call Gabriela's therapy just an experience, but a feeling, a rebirth, a deep awareness, assumed and carried out with much desire for peace and inner tranquility. Therapy is the best investment I could offer myself. Therapy means healing, and for me this has become a lifestyle, a daily routine of awareness, peace and inner tranquility! Healing is a blessing! My tears come up when I think that I lost 24 years in hatred and rancor, when I see how beautiful it is to live peacefully. Thank you Gabriela for showing me the way!
    Mona Jimborean
  • I am honored to say that I have met Gabi Badaluta in all her three stages and dynamics: in the church, in the family and on the therapeutic couch. A beautiful person, who, like the Archangel whose name she bears, gives us the good News of his own Renaissance – psychosomatic healing!
    Dragos Vasile Capota
    Medical assistant and Psychotherapist
  • I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to meet Gabi Badaluta. It amazed me from the beginning how careful and delicate she was, and the peace of soul she emanated. The consultations with her were relaxing and at the same time profound, and she always managed to make me feel comfortable and instilled trust in myself. Gabi is a professional, a person of great value and I highly recommend her.
  • In double quality, as a client in therapy as well as a psychologist, I consider myself privileged that I had the opportunity to meet Gabi Badaluta. I was impressed from the beginning by the talent with which she practices her profession, but to an equal extent of the warmth and availability with which she treats her clients, as well as the modesty that characterizes her. As a therapist, she has the extraordinary ability to identify the true source of your problems and the mastery of guiding you, in a natural, liberating way, on the road to healing. I look forward to her books.
    Brindusa Andrei
  • I saw the passion for psychology in Gabi from an early age, trying to help people with a particular approach. Reading books and meeting people has led her to start her studies in the field, to travel for many years, to different corners of the world, to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, perhaps sacrificing time for children and family, and then to embrace psychotherapy by putting in practice several techniques and theories adapted in an authentic form in therapy. The book "The Map of Healing" is a fabulous beginning in what it means to convey "secrets" to as many people as possible, helping us to realize the source of the diseases and unwanted behaviors, but also the solutions. Organizing a series of seminars would be a blessing for all of us, and I encourage her to do so, she still has much to say in this area and I believe that she will be one of the greatest scientists and masters in the world. With much love,
    Daniela Badaluta
    President & Founder Recrex
  • Gabriela is an expert in the field and I say this both from the point of view of a colleague and as a client. I have always admired her passion and curiosity for the field of psychology and psychosomatic. As a proof she made enormous efforts and traveled the world to participate in numerous courses and workshops that helped her learn different techniques that support the healing and emotional balancing of her clients. Besides being a professional in the psychotherapy cabinet, she is also a very good writer, she has published the book's The Map of Healing's which is a guide in understanding how we get sick and how we help ourselves in the healing process. As a client I appealed to her for help in some life situations and besides her professionalism I was pleasantly surprised to meet a warm, open and loving person. I recommend her with all confidence and I guarantee that you will have very pleasant and efficient experiences!
    Simona Mihalik
  • Meeting Gabriela at The Journey classes was a great joy and at the same time a constant help. Joy because she has a good soul, very generous, always attentive to others. Constant help because almost at any time and with any questions I would have for myself, my family, friends / clients regarding the real causes of the diseases, she gave me the clarifying answer, helping to raise awareness and unravel the emotional mystery, the conflict behind the disease. All that this wonderful soul does, all the courses, seminars, books written have one purpose: to heal people, to help them to live consciously, better, beautifully! Thank you Gabi, from the heart, for all your dedication and for your endeavors to upgrade yourself again and again for us all!
    Simona Ionescu
    Communication specialist
  • When I went to the first session, I was over 103 kg and everything seemed black, in the happiest case, gray. I lost over 23 kg, I was overflowing with energy and optimism, and any problem became a trivial situation, to be solved in the shortest time. I managed to convince my mother, sister, my uncle's wife to come too. It was an experience full of joy and positive results for all. I wish you days full of smiles, forgiveness, optimism, health and Happiness.
    Gaspar Petru Marian
    Arbitru Footbal

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