The Map of Healing

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“The Map of Healing”, a guide for your health and that of your family!

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The Map of Healing is a book that responds to the needs to find out “WHY”, where our diseases, disorders and ailments come from, why certain things repeat so obviously in our lives, why we always meet the same pattern of people, why we have accidents and what percentage of what happens to us is a coincidence or a pure synchronization.

Moreover, The Map of Healing is a book about raising awareness of the emotional roots of our illnesses and health problems, both physical and mental.

We find the bio-logic behind the repetition of certain events in our lives, psycho-genealogy and resources for healing.

The Map of Healing covers topics such as cancer, depression, overweight, cysts, digestive problems, dementia, Alzheimer’s, thyroid and autoimmune diseases, insomnia, dream symbolism, problems with children and more.

With the help of this book:

– You will notice the fine connections between the disease and the emotional conflicts experienced;

– You will understand the informational exchanges between the psyche, the brain and the organ;

– You will be aware of the connection between the source of diseases and life patterns;

– You will see the human being represented in the form of an iceberg and you will understand what is seen on the surface and what it generates inside;

– You will notice the emotional root of the problem you have.

And most importantly, you will understand how you can cure and especially prevent the disease!

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